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Since a young age, both of us have dreamed of being performers but it wasnt till 2016 that we started to truly believe we could pursue that wildest dream. We all are stars in our own way, you just have to find what makes you shine. For us, it's music...

Firstly, thank you for being here. Without the support, love, and help from our family, friends, dream makers, and party people, we wouldn't be experiencing this amazing journey. It means more to us than you’ll ever know... THANK YOU!

What we are learning is that we are all stars in our own way, you just have to find what makes you shine. For us, it's music. Music has saved our lives, expressed our feelings when we couldn't find the words, and has allowed us to break free from reality for a moment to dance all of our cares away. Growing up queer made music that much more important to us. It provided an escape along with a voice to the feelings we couldn't explain or were too afraid to express. We hope our music does that for you.

We were both raised in small conservative rural towns and when the universe found it was the right time, our paths led us each to Columbus, Ohio where all the planets aligned on June 11th,2015- the day we first met. We began getting to know each other and started dating shortly after that. A year into our relationship, we had the unique opportunity to move back to Jesse’s hometown to help his dad with the family farm. We weren’t thriving in Columbus so we decided take advantage of that opportunity. It was a leap of faith in the perfect direction. 

Since we were young, we both had dreams of being music stars, but it wasn’t till 2016 that we started to believe that we could shine brightly as such. We had been performing together as our drag personas lip syncing with the occasional live sung cover while living in Columbus. After relocating to the family farm, we began crafting our own songs from beats we found online and lyrics, melodies, and harmonies written by us. We wrote our first songs “Glass Houses” and “Werk” in the winter of 2016, then performed them very shortly after that. We had no idea if they were good or not. We loved them and loved creating them so we continued! Our first demo included five tracks and was released in 2017. At some point in that same year, Jesse got his hands on a guitar and our second demo “STRIPPED” was born. We were accepted to perform our music at the 2017 Austin International Drag Festival which we took as a sign to keep moving forward! We continued visiting Austin to perform in that festival in 2018 and 2019. In 2019 we started recording with Micah Carli at Popside Recording Studio. We released our first EP called “After Hours” in early 2019 and got to perform that music at Oz in New Orleans and aboard the Carnival Valor entertaining The Drag Club House, a drag cruise company. Throughout 2019 and early 2020 we recorded several singles which began being released in 2020. Those include “Leave Your Heart on the Dance Floor,” Take Me Anywhere,” “I Can Be,” “Hot Summer,” and “I Don’t Understand.” In late 2020 we were able to get back into the studio and record our second EP “Party Favors: Live at Popside Recording Studio”- a collection of original acoustic songs featuring a cover of “Sweet Child of Mine.” Because of the COVID 19 pandemic we weren’t able to perform much in 2020, however it did allow us time to refocus and prioritize what we wanted for ourselves. We began to strip away some of the drag elements from our live act so we could put more energy into our music. In July of 2021, we debuted our first full length album “Who We Are” and performed on another drag cruise aboard the Carnival Panorama. It’s been such a dream come true so far and we are so excited to see what the future brings!


We are inspired by so many artists and influences that our art will always be evolving, but it'll always be a reflection of us. As long as we stay true to ourselves, we'll blaze the path of our dreams. 

Be kind. Love Yourself. Believe in the Impossible.